• Alas. parents! Cut your child's hair. I want to look into his eyes.
  • I drank beer right in biology class (with a fake bream) and brazenly belched in the face of the merit teacher of Russia!
  • Absolutely does not know Pushkin! Dear parents! Please introduce me!
  • Hey there! Hello! What's with the money for breakfast?
  • Bring 100 rubles each for a bribe to the head. It's funny.
  • Dear parents! Please come to school sober.
  • Your son turned out to be a daughter. Pay attention to this.
  • I was burning my life out in chemistry class.
  • I played cards in class. He doesn't know how to count whists.
  • Your child missed the Saturday disco! Figure it out!
  • Mathematics — 1 Chemistry — 1 Russian language — 1 Geography — 1 Total: 4 (good)
  • I was smoking incense in the toilet.
  • I smoked in the punishment cell.
  • I looked into the eyes of the girls.
  • At first, he behaved outrageously, frapped and manicured recklessly. And then suddenly he became a kind of beech, closed in on himself. Amikoshonstvo. Fi.
  • The life of the boy in the lesson of the Law of God is preached by Velmi. He pulled the kernels out of the chewed paper into a plastic pipe, through which the clerk became crippled and blind. I exorcised the demon from the classroom. I ask you to behead the son of a bitch on the ass with a twig, deprive him of a meal and a movie, and beat his forehead against the wall!
  • Pay attention to the appearance of your daughter. Black and green are no longer worn, the waistline should be lowered! Forbid your daughter to wear a sleeve!
  • He brought vodka, tore off the pedagogical council.
  • Dear Vladimir Petrovich, Why don't we pour out a beer? Come to the school urgently!
  • I shit myself in a courage lesson. Shame on you!
  • He takes money from high school students and distributes it to lower school students.
  • I got spoiled in gym class with a barbell. Urgently go to the physical education teacher at the hospital.
  • He threw $100 at the teacher's feet, which put him in an awkward position.
  • I didn't hand over the money for breakfast to the class teacher!
  • I smoked in physical education, ran at recess, but I should — on the contrary! Your daughter is something. I'll explain exactly what it is at the meeting.
  • Pay attention to your son's appearance. His trousers are always ironed, his hair is neatly combed, his nails are trimmed. Where did this cleanliness come from?!
  • Turned a trip to the circus into a farce!
  • He lived his life in biology class.
  • Before entering the head teacher's office, he knocked on the door with the conditional knock of a physical education teacher.
  • He ran on the ceiling, which violated the inviolability of physical laws.
  • I persuaded the art teacher to pose in class. It's an outrage!
  • I read a book in literature class!!!
  • I fell asleep in physical education class during a cross-country race. I overslept the turn.
  • I was running in the toilet!
  • He talked in a singing lesson, cheeky to the teacher, proving that it was rap.
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